Sonrisas Havanese

Below are just a few of the animals that have shared their lives with us. We also had Jubjub (a gerbil), Lollipop, Souki (cats), Minni, Buttons (Border Collies), Spirit and Kalia (our daughters' dogs that lived with us).
Special tribute to these Havanese who died from accidents. Ali was attached and killed by a coyote just outside her home and Oreo ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

These dogs are the reason I insist on good fencing and gates for any of the puppies that leave Sonrisas.
Sonrisas Mis Con Genie Ali T Ali Sonrisas' Oreo Cookie Oreo
Ali Oreo
This page would not be complete without giving special notice to our Molli (Pocopayasos LJ's Hot Tamale) She was the most beautiful female Havanese I have ever seen. She died in 2014 at the young age of 13 after many years of loving care by Eleanore Hayes (pictured with Molli)
CH. Kinship's Silver Shadows (Shadow) was our first CKC champion and had both obedience and agility titles. This is a picture of him when he was 12 years old.
Cassi (pictured below) was our first sheltie and taught me how to train dogs. She did agility, tracking, flyball and won many ribbons and trophies.
Cassi and Blue (the cat) loved each other and it was an endless delight to watch their interaction.
Cassi and Blue
Angel was a collie, retriever mix and she was the dog with whom my children shared their childhood. She had a very profuse coat and my husband always maintained that he didn't need a winter coat because all his suits were fur lined.
Gizmo was the first dog I ever competed in obedience and he was excellent, but taught me that there is such a thing as being "ring smart". He would look at the people on the sidelines, shake his little behind, and march off as if to say "Watch me, this is the way it's done!". At home, "coming" when called was another story, often only a 50:50 success rate.
Blue loved tomatoes, and if we left one out she would eat it before we could
Blackbeard (in box ) and Devil (below left) shared our house along with Angel and later Gizmo.
Gizmo and BlackBeard